Putin’s advizor Glazyev: German president Steinmeier is a Nazi collaborator


Advisor to the President of Russia Sergei Glazyev called the newly elected president of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier “an accomplice of the Nazi coup in Kiev.”

He wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

“Germany’s parliament elected the president an accomplice of the Nazi coup in Kiev, who contributed to the legitimization of neo-fascist regime”

– Sergei Glazyev (@SGlazyev) February 17, 2017

It is unknown what caused such a storm of emotions in the Russian president’s advisor 5 days after the election. Before the election on February 12th, Steinmeier’s candidacy was most supported by the government and opposition forces in parliament. Ukrainian politicians accuse Steinmeier in “flirting” with the Russian authorities.

By the evening of the same day, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the statement of Sergey Glazyev. He said that Vladimir Putin does not agree with Glazyev’s opinion.

“The President congratulated his colleague, sent him a quite warm congratulatory telegram. And of course, such an opinion published on Twitter is nothing more than an expression of a personal point of view, a very controversial one.”

A few minutes later Sergei Glazyev deleted his entire Twitter profile. But some of his statements of the last days preserved on the Internet:

February 14: “American agents played the Kuril issue again to disrupt the normalization of Russian-Japanese relations, initiated by the heads of the countries.”

February 11: “American puppets lead fratricidal war until the last Ukrainian soldier, since none of them are Ukrainians. They are neo-Hitlerites.”

January 25: “The post-war world has ended not after the election of Trump, as German Foreign Minister Steinmeier says, but after Steinmeier’s complicity in the Nazi coup in Kiev.”

Source: n-z.tv