Ukrainian Foreign Minister proposes to restrict Russia’s veto power in UN Security Council


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin proposed to deprive Russia of the right of veto in the UN Security Council when making decisions concerning the situation in Ukraine.

According to him, such a measure should be adopted since Russia is a party to the conflict in the Donbass.

“We urgently need to reform the Security Council in order to remove the veto power abuses,” said Klimkin.

He added that the Security Council must be able to respond effectively to “bloody conflicts”, regardless of whether a side of the conflict is a permanent member of UN Security Council with veto power.

The foreign minister of Ukraine noted that article 27 of the UN Charter says that “a party to a dispute shall abstain from voting” in the Security Council. According to Klimkin, this rule is “blatantly ignored.”

“It is imperative that clear proceedings are introduced for the proper implementation of this article,” he said.

Previously, Kiev repeatedly expressed proposals to limit Russia’s right of veto in the UN. In particular, the question was actively discussed in 2015 after Russia vetoed the resolution on the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the crash of the MH17 flight over the Donbass. It was proposed to deprive permanent members of the Security Council of the veto power when it comes to reactions to conflicts with the large number of victims.

Later, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in an interview that it is technically impossible to exclude Russia from the Security Council, since any such idea requires the approval of all five permanent members of the Security Council, including Russia.

Source: Regnum


  • Indy

    So it shows the Security Council was badly organized from the beginning…

    • Victor Ionopin

      No, really: you can’t expel a member because the member you want to expel can veto the expelling. Absurd!