Montenegro says Russian authorities were involved in coup preparation


On Sunday, February 19th, Montenegrin prosecutor Milivoje Katnic said that Russian authorities were involved in the preparation of the coup in Montenegro in 2016.

“Previously we had evidence that Russian nationalists structures were behind the preparation of the conspiracy, but now it became clear that at some level Russian authorities were involved,” quotes AFP.

The prosecutor stressed that Russia must start an investigation and open a criminal case based on the available documents.

Katnich specified that the information on the participation of Russians in the coup preparation was acquired with the help of “intelligence services of friendly countries”, including the US and UK, which participated in the investigation in Montenegro.

Shishmakov a.k.a. Shirokov

A key witness – Serbian nationalist Aleksandar Sindzhelich – was invited to Moscow by a representative of “Russian military structures” Edward Shishmakov for mission instructions. Shishmakov, who used a pseudonym Shirokov, asked Sindzhelich to help prevent Montenegro’s accession to NATO. Katnich said it was the main reason for the conspiracy.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro suspects 25 individuals in preparation for the coup, mostly Serb nationalists. There are also two Russians wanted: Vladimir Popov and the alleged organizer Eduard Shirokov (Shishmakov). Back in November 2016 Montenegrin media reported that they played a key role in the conspiracy.

Source: DW