Migrant subway builders went on strike in Moscow due to unpaid wages


Dozens of migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan went on strike: the workers who build the subway in Moscow have not been paid in full for several months.

Workers came to the office of builder Ingeocom demanding to pay them the money they are entitled to. However, the management said that they do not have the right to strike because they are not citizens of the Russian Federation.

The builders of the subway are mostly citizens of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. They complain of poor working conditions and the hard work, while they are being seriously underpaid. After the protest they were promised that the full amount will be paid by March 5th, however, the workers are very pessimistic about that.

Just a year ago migrant workers went on strike near the entry to Ingeocom, demanding to pay them the money they earned.

Source: nuz.uz