EU calls on Russia to comply with WTO decision and lift ban on importing pork


As it was reported last Thursday, the WTO rejected Russia’s appeal to the organization regarding its decision to invalidate the Russian ban on shipments of pork products from the EU.

“The EU calls on Russia to abandon its unjustified measures and to allow EU companies to resume normal business with Russian partners,” said in a statement of the the European Commission.

It was noted that the decision of the WTO “delivers another strong message to Russia and WTO members on their obligations to comply with international standards and, in particular, with the regionalization principle, which allows to trade with certain regions of the country, where plague or other diseases (among animals) were not identified, regardless of the situation in the rest of the country.”

“The EU has one of the world’s most effective safety control systems of animals and food systems, including a high level of detection and strict rules of risk management,” said in the statement the European Commission.

Last September Russia has filed an appeal against the WTO ruling on the dispute “Russian Federation — Measures on the Importation of Live Pigs, Pork and Other Pig Products from the European Union.”

Starting from January 30th, 2014, Rosselkhoznadzor (Russia’s agriculture controlling service – RRT) banned importing of pork production from EU countries until it receives safety guarantees from the European Commission. The decision was made after African swine fever was registered in Lithuania. In mid-February another epicentre of ASF was registered in Poland.

The EU called the ban disproportionate, and sent a request to the WTO to create an expert group to resolve the dispute over Russia’s ban on imports of pig products from the EU.