Russia will provide $225 million financial aid to Kyrgyzstan


After Russian-Kyrgyz talks Vladimir Putin said that the amount of Russian grants to help Kyrgyzstan in stabilizing the budget amounted to $225 million.

“Russia will provide Kyrgyzstan assistance in order to stabilize its budget: the total amount of the grants by the date is 225 million dollars,” said the head of the Russian state.

He noted that Russia is also actively helping Kyrgyzstan in the process of adaptation to the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union. “Kyrgyz side was provided with assistance amounting to $200 million, including for the modernization of customs infrastructure and construction of border crossings,” said Putin.

In addition, Putin reminded about the existing bilateral fund for the development of Russia and Kyrgyzstan. “This unique thing was created in 2014 with a capital of $500 million. At present, with the financial participation of the Fund in Kyrgyzstan has implemented projects worth over $200 million,” Putin said.

Source: RIA