Russian Foreign Ministry: USA tries to organize economic blockade of Russia


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia’s foes in the U.S. Congress are trying to organize an economic blockade of Russia by preparing a bill that will not let Donald Trump weaken sanctions against Moscow.

“Our foes in Congress are trying hard to crush any positive bits in our relations. This January they introduced a bill to codify the sanctions imposed by Obama’s decrees, so Trump won’t be able to lift them by himself,” said the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Minister while speaking in the State Duma (lower chamber of Russian parliament – RRT).

He also said that the Congress proposes to expand and tighten the restrictions.

“They even try to blackmail third countries in order to convince them to follow. That is, in fact, to organize something like an economic blockade of Russia,” said Ryabkov.

The bill is currently being processed by specialized committees of the Congress. Ryabkov did not rule out the adoption of this law in the future.

“We carefully analyze all the signals coming from Washington and take them into account. Our judgement will be based on deeds only,” he said.

Source: Izvestia