Health care in Yekaterinburg is in critical situation


Several municipal hospitals can be closed in Yekaterinburg. According to deputies of the city parliament, the head of the municipal health department Alexander Dornbusch does not rule out such an outcome.

Speaking at a meeting of a special commission, he reported on the difficult financial situation in medical institutions.

“There is no money for the further functioning of the health care system. Neither in the budget, nor in the Territorial Fund for Mandatory Medical Insurance. This is not the mayor’s office’s or the regional government’s fault, this is just the result of the federal reform in this area,” explained the deputy of the city parliament Konstantin Kiselev.

There is another opinion among the personnel of the Central City Clinic #20. At the end of last week they sent an appeal to the governor of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev, accusing the Head Doctor Semyon Khmelniker of the collapse of the multi-profile clinic. The reason for the protest was salary debt.

“The situation in the hospital is critical. On February 27th we received an advance in the amount of 1,000 rubles ($17 – RRT), and no explanation on how to live on this money. Many have loans, mortgages! Many have family members who lost their jobs because of the crisis! At the same time, the clinic management does not seem to see any trouble. And now we learn that it will continue, and the clinic’s budget for 2017 was cut by almost a quarter, and the staff faces 10,000 rubles a month ($170 – RRT) salary cut and layoffs,” the letter says.

The authors of the appeal tell about regular salary cuts and the experienced staff leave their jobs in the hospital. They tell about rumors that the “Clinic 20” is going to be closed, and note that such a decision will directly affect the outcome of the upcoming governor election.

“So, where will the residents of Khimmash and Uktus be treated? And where will the residents of the Bolshoy Istok and Aramili go? Mr. Kuyvashev, things that happen in the hospital concern not only its employees, but also the residents of the Chkalovsky district. Your voters are concerned.”