Russia about MH17: BUK was given to separatists for protection against Ukrainian army


‘Unknowns’, who handed over a BUK missile launcher that shot down the passenger flight MH17 to the Donbass separatists, did it for the sake of strengthening the air defense of the DPR and LPR.

This was stated by the British lawyer Samuel Wordsworth who represents the Russian side at the UN Court.

“If an anti-aircraft missile system that was used to shoot down the MH17 flight was sent to Donbass, I want to make a few notes here. Yesterday the Ukrainian side said that if Russia is aware of specific people in the Russian Federation who, for example, helped in moving BUK to Ukraine and back to Russia after the tragedy with the Boeing, and directly participated in it, then the Russian side is obliged to investigate and punish these people in accordance with various provisions of the convention.

However, Ukraine’s appeal on Monday sounded as if the plane was shot down by Russia itself, and this change in the wording caused our reaction on Tuesday,” he explained.

Wordsworth said that according to Art. 2 of the relevant convention, Ukraine “should more clearly formulate what it accuses Russia of.”

“Whoever transferred this BUK to the Donbass, they only meant reinforcing their defense against possible attacks by the Ukrainian Air Force,” the Russian speaker said, adding that the Ukrainian party allegedly lacks data about what the “intentions” regarding BUK’s use were.

In addition, Wordsworth noted that during the two days of speeches in court, Ukraine allegedly “did not provide any fundamental evidence” of that Russia was transferring weapons to militants in the Donbass.