Kremlin is outraged by Canada’s decision to extend its UNIFIER mission in Ukraine


Russian diplomats in Ottawa have decided that it’s their competence to advise the Canadian authorities “to put press on Kiev”, which, as Moscow believes, “pursues military ventures”.

Shortly after the decision of the Canadian Defense Ministry to continue the military training mission of 200 instructors in Ukraine, the Russian embassy in Canada published a statement in which it called the move “counterproductive.” The appeal of the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia regarding the extension of the program of military cooperation between Ottawa and Kiev was posted on Twitter.

Representatives of Russia continue to insist that the war that the Russian Federation has unleashed against Ukraine is “civil”, and once again complain of Kiev’s violation of the Minsk agreements.

“Canadian Government’s decision to extend the military mission in Ukraine is counterproductive and does not facilitate intra-Ukrainian political process, including direct dialogue between Kiev and Donbass, as prescribed by the Minsk accords,” the statement says.

At the same time, Russian Ambassador Kirill Kalinin is convinced that Ottawa should press on Kiev to implement the peace agreements, as Kiev, according to the diplomat, “pursues military ventures.”


On March 6th 2017 the head of the Ministry of Defense of Canada Harjit Sajjan announced the extension of the UNIFIER military training mission with the participation of 200 Canadian instructors for two more years, until March 2019. Canadians train Ukrainian military in Yavorov and Kamenets-Podolsky since 2015.