Crimea got into TOP-25 of the most polluted regions of Russia


According to an environmental rating published by public organization Green Patrol, the occupied Crimea got into the TOP-25 of the most polluted regions of Russia, holding the 22nd position of anti-rating.

If counted from the best to the worst, the Crimea took 64th place out of 85 possible. Sevastopol was not included in the rating.

By the results of the winter 2016-2017 the most polluted region of Russia was the Chelyabinsk region. he Leningrad region took the second place, the third row was occupied by the Irkutsk region. Among the most environmentally friendly regions of the country were Tambov, the Altai Republic, and the Altai Area.

The environmental rating among the Russian regions is calculated based on the information received from various sources: authorities, public and expert organizations, citizens’ initiative groups, and the media. The ratings are updated on a quarterly basis.