TV employee fired after allowing a one-legged dancer to perform at talent show


According to a source in the First Channel, an employee of the channel responsible for the show “Minute of Glory” was fired from the directorate of music and entertainment programs.

The dismissed employee aired an episode of “Minute of Glory” where dancer Yevgeny Smirnov participated, who lost his leg in an accident. The episode gained a lot of buzz because of the reaction of the project’s judges: Vladimir Pozner and Renata Litvinova.

The main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First Channel Yuri Aksyuta refused to provide any comments.

The episode of “Minutes of Glory” where Yevgeny Smirnov participated was aired on March 4th. Smirnov, who performed without a prosthesis, together with his partner performed complicate dance elements, and was well received by the audience.

After the performance Vladimir Pozner expressed his admiration, but at the same time said that “prohibited methods” were used.

“When a person without a leg goes in, it’s impossible to say ‘no’. There is no defense against this, it’s beyond my power,” Posner said.

Renata Litvinova also spoke about ‘prohibited things’.

“Maybe you should attach the second one, so it’s not so obviously absent?” said Litvinova.