Russians invested nearly $100 million in Trump’s real estate


Russian businessmen bought real estate worth almost $100 million from a company owned by the US President Donald Trump.

This was reported by Reuters after analyzing published documents, interviews and corporate records.

The agency notes that at least 63 people with Russian passports or Russian registration own condos in elite Trump condos in Florida.

As noted by Reuters, some of them are “connected with the Russian authorities”. Among the buyers the agency names the former senior executive of state-owned company Spetstroi Alexander Yuzvik, the founder and president of St. Petersburg-based Viking Bank Alexei Ustayev, and a founder and co-owner of Absolute Group LLC Andrei Truskov.

At the same time, Reuters clarifies that there was no violations found in buying the condos. Also, no one from the “close circle” of the Russian president Vladimir Putin was mentioned among property owners.

There is currently an investigation in the US on Kremlin’s interference in the US presidential election. Trump himself categorically denies any ties with Russia, including business.