Almost 40% of Russians say they only have money for food


According to a survey on the financial situation of Russian families that was conducted in February 2017 by Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service, about 40% of Russians only have enough money for food.

“In February 2017, the percentage of respondents who only had enough (or even not enough) money for food was nearly 40%. At the same time, 8% of respondents assessed the financial situation of their families relatively high, saying that they have enough money to buy a car,” the experts say.

37% of respondents can buy clothes, 15% can buy household appliances. In addition, 5.8% of the surveyed observe an improvement in the economic situation in Russia.

According to Deputy Prime Minister for Social Issues Olga Golodets, the poverty that is currently observed in Russia is unique, because it is poverty of the working population.

According to the research of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology, the number of Russians who have savings fell by one third in 2016: from 55% to 40%.

Source: Lenta.Ru