Russian government approved ban on policemen leaving the country


The bill was discussed in the government on Monday, March 13th. The participants of the meeting did not have any “conceptual remarks” regarding this bill.

A “temporary suspension of the right of a citizen of the Russian Federation” to leave the country was suggested for those who serves in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or works for it as a civic specialist “at certain positions”.

It was also proposed to prohibit serving in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of those who have a residence permit, or other document confirming the right to permanent residence in a foreign country.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs supported the bill “with some comments”. The Ministry also asked to list specific positions that qualify for a ban on traveling abroad. The government, in turn, asked the Foreign Ministry to provide a list of countries “which are not recommended for visiting by employees of law enforcement agencies.”

According to two members of the parliamentary committee on security, the government’s proposition has not been passed to the State Duma (the lower chamber of Russian Parliament – RRT) yet. It is still unknown when the bill is going to be considered.

At the moment only those Russia policemen are forbidden to leave the country who have access to classified information.