Russian priest Vsevolod Chaplin demanded to kill emigrants by missile strikes


Priest Vsevolod Chaplin, who previously headed the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church for the Interaction of the Church and Society, called for assassinations of emigrants, who moved to Western countries, by missile strikes.

He said that while discussing the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the elder brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. According to most experts, his assassination in Malaysia was carried out by the North Korean special services.

Chaplin found this practice not only normal, but also called for extending it as widely as possible.

The priest wrote that the “hysteria” around the murder of Kim Jong-nam can be explained by the fact that “traitors that fled from countries with non-Western political culture to the countries of the ‘free world’ are ‘shaking’ now. As well as those who cover them and who ‘guarantees their safety’. As well as those ‘secret traitors’ who are only thinking of running away.”

As a measure against them Chaplin suggested a program consisting of three points. Firstly, he called for the return of death penalty for ‘Motherland traitors’; secondly, he suggests to “authorize” special forces to kill them “at any cost, including life and freedom”; and thirdly, “to authorize precise missile strikes on traitors”.

The priest noted that such actions comply with true Christianity.

Most of those who commented on Chaplin’s proposals compared them to Nazi practices, but there were those who supported them, noting that only missile strikes were ‘too much’.

Earlier, Chaplin had already made similar statements. In particular, while being live on radio Ekho Moskvy (“The Echo of Moscow” – RRT), he justified mass killings and state terror.

Source: MK


  • Gabriel Grenier

    A real bandit… oups orthodoxe priest … and he says that his point of view complies with true christianity… what a shame! The only existing ‘god’ who think like that is ‘the god of this system of thing’ … satan.