Syrian Ambassador to UN: Moscow is unhappy with Israel’s behavior and will take measures


Commenting on the attack of the Israeli Air Force on weapons arsenal of Hezbollah in Syrian territory, Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari said that “the Syrian reaction to the Israeli attack has changed the rules of the game.”

In response to the attack, a surface-to-air missile (presumably S-200) was launched, which was intercepted by the Israeli missile defense system Hez.

After the incident the Russian Foreign Ministry invited the Israeli ambassador in Russia Gary Koren for a conversation, which was an unprecedented step, and also a violation
of the diplomatic protocol: Russia has no authority to demand clarification from the Israeli ambassador for the incident involving a third country (Syria in this case). Nevertheless, Ambassador Koren met with Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov, who oversees the Middle East affairs, and gave detailed explanations of what exactly caused the Israeli attack.

In his interview with the Lebanese channel al-Mayadeen, Jaafari stressed that Moscow was “unhappy” with Israeli behavior, and is taking steps to stop military operations of the IDF in Syria.

“The Russians know how to talk to the Israelis,” the Syrian ambassador said (and, most likely, quoted the statement of the Russian side). “If you do not stop, this will lead to an escalation in the region.”

Jaafari added that this could lead to a clash between the Air Forces of Israel and Russia in the future.

“One more incident would be enough for this to turn into a serious story,” he said, “Syria‘s reaction was quite adequate to the terrorist actions of Israel. Israelis will now think a million times before doing such a thing again.”