Base of Russian National Guard (Rosguard) in Checnhya was attacked, 6 soldiers killed


6 servicemen of Rosguard were killed in Chechnya during an attack of a group of militants on a National Guard base.

“A group of militants attempted to enter the territory of the military base and was discovered by a patrol, which opened fire. Six of the attackers were killed. Six servicemen were killed, there are also wounded,” Rosguard reported.

An entry into the territory of one of the bases of the National Guard in Chechnya was attempted on Friday at nearly 02:30 am local time.

“The militants used the fog as cover. As a result of actions of the personnel the penetration of the bandit group into the territory of the base was prevented,” the department stressed.

Currently, the whole area is blocked. An investigative group and bomb disposal technicians of the FSB are working at the scene.

Russia’s National Guard (Rosguard) is actively involved in counter-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus. The service was created last spring on the basis of the Interior Ministry troops. Special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were also included into this new federal agency.

Source: Interfax