Jehovah’s Witnesses were banned in Russia


The Ministry of Justice of Russia banned the activities of the head organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia due to “extremist activities”.

The religious organization “Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia” was included in the list of public and religious associations whose activities are suspended because of their extremist activities.

On April 5th the Supreme Court of Russia will take a final decision on the work of the organization in Russia.

Chairman of the managing committee of the “Administrative Center for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia” Vasily Kalin said that the Ministry of Justice “intends to close and declare criminal a whole religion.”

“They already filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Russia. They ask for the highest penalty for all 396 of our organizations, including our management center. It is about eliminating and recognizing them as extremist,” said in his appeal, published on the organization’s website.

Source: Gazeta.Ru