Russian priest Vsevolod Chaplin said Voronenkov’s murder was “God’s interference”

The former deputy chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarch stressed that no one should betray Russia.

“I think God’s interference took place here, regardless of whether this intervention was carried out by a human hand, driven by will and mind, or just some accident happened. In this case it was God’s intervention in history, and it is certainly connected with justice and truth, because no one should betray Russia. The one who does that challenges not only the country, but challenges the God himself,” Vsevolod Chaplin said in an interview with radio station Govorit Moskva (“Moscow Speaks” – RRT).

According to him, Russia is “not just an ordinary country”.

“Russia is the foundation of the throne of God, today this is the only country that has a chance to build law and society on the basis of God’s law. Therefore, to live in Russia and take care of the future of Russia is a Christian duty, and the betrayal of Russia is an anti-Christian thing, and the Lord, of course, punishes for it,” Chaplin said.

Previously Chaplin called for the death penalty for “homeland traitors”.

Former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov was shot dead in the center of Kiev on March 23rd. An unknown person opened fire when Voronenkov left the hotel.



Image: RIA Novosti