Russian federal media kept silent about massive protests in Russia


Not a single Russian federal TV channel interrupted its scheduled program to report on anti-corruption protest rallies that took place in Moscow and dozens of cities across the country, which involved thousands of people, and ended up with mass detentions in Moscow.

Most of them were showing movies and TV shows at that time. Also, the information about protest rallies did not get to the top news of internet portal Yandex.

There was no news about protests at the front page of the website of RIA Novosti agency; the “hottest” news was a report about injuries of fans in Belgrade.

TASS captioned their news about the rallies like “Participants of an unauthorized protest in Moscow face fines and arrests up to 15 days”.

The protests took place in many Russian cities, and were caused by an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Fund on undeclared real estate of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to the estimates of the organizers, the rallies took place in at least 84 cities.