SpaceX successfully re-launched Falcon 9 rocket


The owner of company SpaceX Elon Musk said that the first successful launch of a previously used first stage of Falcon 9 rocket is a revolution in the space industry.

“An incredible day. The first re-flight of the first stage is a tremendous day for the entire space industry. It’s a huge revolution in space travel: you can reuse the first stage of the booster, which is the most expensive part,” said Elon Musk after the first stage of the rocket landed vertically on the floating platform in the Atlantic.

The first stage of Falcon 9 that brought communication satellite SES-10 was previously used in April 2016, when it delivered cargo to the International Space Station.

SpaceX performs cargo flights to the ISS on a contract with NASA, as well as commercial launches of satellites. It develops the technology of a reusable launch vehicle, when the first stage of the rocket safely lands after it detaches. At the moment the company has 9 successful landings, and one of them is landing of the first stage that was already used before.

Source: RIA