Poland accuses Russian air traffic controllers of intentional crash of Kaczynski’s plane near Smolensk in 2010

Deputy Prosecutor General of Poland Marek Pasionek said that new charges are to be brought against Russian air services after analyzing the data on the crash of the Polish Tu-154 plane near Smolensk in April 2010.

“An analysis of the evidence … has allowed prosecutors to formulate new charges against air traffic controllers, citizens of the Russian Federation, and a third person who also was in the [flight control] tower,” he said.

According to Pasionek, it was a deliberate provocation of a disaster with the aircraft.

It was reported that Poland has asked Russia to provide legal assistance, so the suspects face criminal charges. Details were not disclosed.

Pasionek informed that more than 2 million files were analyzed.

The Tu-154 plane with Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and 86 members of the government delegation crashed near Smolensk on April 10th, 2010. All the people on board were killed.

According to Russia, the plane crash occurred after Polish Air Force Commander Andrzej Blasik demanded to land despite the difficult weather conditions. Poland rejects this version of the incident.

Source: gordonua.com


Image: Reuters