Russia promises to veto UN Security Council resolution on chemical attack in Syria


According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, Russia will veto the UN Security Council resolution on Syria if it is put to the vote without consulting.

“The Westerners are deliberately trying to speed up this process and to adopt this resolution as soon as possible. As far as I understand, they even wanted to do it today, maybe tomorrow. But we do not do such things that quick in the Security Council. Of course, they can put this issue to the vote without any consultations, but they will obviously get our categorical veto on it,” said Gatilov, who represented Russia at a conference in support of the future of Syria in Brussels.

On April 4th Western media referring to the Human Rights Observatory in Syria reported that “planes belonging to Russia or the Syrian government” struck the Khan Sheikhun city in the province of Idlib from the air, using ammunition with poisonous substances. As a result of the attack, from 58 people to 100 people died (according to various sources). The World Health Organization says that nerve gas was used.

Two draft resolutions were introduced into the UN Security Council aimed at investigation of the incident in Idlib. The first one was prepared by the United States, France and the United Kingdom, the second one – by Russia.

Source: Rosbalt