30 vehicles got stuck in mud at ‘federal highway’ between Saint Petersburg and Karelia


About 30 cars and trucks got stuck in mud last Sunday at the federal highway A-121 “Sortavala”.

“It happened today at midday. About 30 cars got stuck, including trucks. I called the Emergency Services, they promised to pass it to the road service, but we waited for an hour already, so we decided to find a way around, and found a detour in the forest,” said an eyewitness.

Some drivers posted videos on YouTube.

“The federal highway is blocked in both directions because of “impassable” mud. It’s half-meter deep, trucks and cars are stuck. Welcome to Russia,” wrote Anton Arkhipov in comments to the video.

He also noted that this is one of the roads that is subject to fare according to system Platon.

Source: znak.com