Russia Today mistakenly revealed chemical weapons in Syria


Journalists of TV channel Russian Today accidentally took a photo at the Syrian government air base Shayrat, displaying binary containers with poisonous substance sarin, banned by several international conventions.

Among other things, the experts were surprised by the way the substance was stored: the containers were just laid out in the open air behind a reinforced concrete shelter, where jet fighters hide from air strikes. However, since the picture was taken after the airfield Shairat was attacked by American missiles, it is possible that the Syrian military could take sarin out of burning storage facility and stack them in the first available place.

Russian internet users were first to recognize deadly ammunition: some of them served in chemical forces in Soviet times, and they easily identified familiar shapes. At the same time, the dangerous photo was quickly removed from most of the Russia Today websites in different languages. However, one of them (in German) still contained it at the moment of the publication.


For comparison, there were posted photos from a special facility of the Russian army in Shihan, where the disposal of chemical weapons took place, including sarin, that was used in attacks against civilian population in Syria. These are undoubtedly the very same binary containers.





Not so long ago Russia reported on the disposal of 84% of its stockpiles of chemical weapons. As it becomes clear now, not all of it was recycled, and a large part of sarin was sent to Syria.