Rosguard blocked protesting truck drivers in Dagestan


Protesting truckers in the city of Manas in Dagestan were blocked by the military, who brought several armored personnel carriers to the place where the protesters gathered.

“Rosgгard came again. Yesterday only 3 vehicles were on duty, and now there are about 40 trucks and at least two BTRs (armored personnel carries – RRT),” said Umar Garisov, one of the trucker protests coordinators. “Now they blocked our parking again, one trucker was detained, but so far no one else was touched, everything is peaceful.”

Earlier on April 4th Dagestan authorities, including the first deputy head of the government of the republic Shamil Isayev, met with the coordinating council of the strikers, and demanded to stop the rally. Officials said that the protesting drivers attacked their colleagues who did not join the protest.

Truckers, in turn, do not rule out that the attacks the authorities were talking about were provocations. They are also afraid that the authorities will make more attempts to disperse the camp by force.