USA sent air carrier to South Korea


The United States unexpectedly sent a strike group led by nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to the shores of South Korea. It was reported on Monday, April 10th by the Yonhap news agency referencing the South Korean military.

According to the report, the ships have changed the initial plan to go from Singapore to Australia, and now are heading towards the Korean peninsula. In addition to the aircraft carrier there are two destroyers and a cruiser with guided missiles, capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

The agency characterizes this maneuver as quite unusual, since Carl Vinson visited South Korea just recently, less than a month ago.

On April 9th the head of Russian Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov noted that Washington might strike at military facilities in North Korea. In his opinion, sending the U.S. strike group to the Korean Peninsula could push Pyongyang to “further ill-considered actions.” He called the presence of American ships extremely useless “taking into account the need to build a negotiating process with North Korea.”

Source: Lenta.Ru