Putin says it’s necessary to build relations with Taliban


Russian President Vladimir Putin said it is necessary to build relations with all powers in Afghanistan, including the terrorist group Taliban.

“Regarding the Talibs, you know, many countries in one way or another are in contact with this organization (the Taliban). Of course, there are a many very radical elements. But we always (as well as our partners, including representatives of the United Nations) come from the fact that it is necessary to build relations with any power in Afghanistan based on at least three principles: recognition of the constitution of Afghanistan, disarmament, and recognition of full national accord,” the president said in an interview with Mir24 TV channel.

At the same time, Putin said that a terrorist threat from Afghanistan is serious, and expressed his hope that eventually the country will step on the path of a peaceful solution of all internal problems.

The Taliban is a radical Islamist movement. Until 2001, it was in power in Afghanistan, but was overthrown. Nevertheless, the organization remains powerful in the country. In 2015 a number of Russian officials said that Russia and the Taliban have the same positions on fighting ISIS.

Source: znak.com