Chinese competitor of Sukhoi SuperJet 100 successfully passed high speed test


China’s first airliner C919 made by COMAC company passed high speed test on the runway.

As it was noted, these tests are the last before the test flight of the liner. COMAC plans to complete all tests in 2017, and then put the aircraft into operation.

Editor-in-chief of Aerospace Knowledge magazine Wang Yanan said that high-speed taxiing tests are usually conducted at speeds of 230 to 260 kph (143-161 mph – RRT), with the front landing gear slightly lifted to simulate takeoff.

“It is hard to evaluate the intervals between each high-speed taxiing tests. It could be two to three days or one week. It could be very fast if everything went right and no big technical faults occurred,” Wang said. “Usually, every latter high-speed test will be conducted at a faster speed than the previous one, and more similar to the real condition before takeoff.”

C919 is the first Chinese airliner, which will accommodate 168 economy class seats. Its range is up to 5,500 kilometers (approx. 3,400 miles – RRT).

Before the production even started, COMAC already received orders for 517 C919 planes from 21 customers.