Russian spy ship Liman sinks in Black Sea off Turkey after collision with freighter


A Russian naval reconnaissance ship Liman has sunk after a collision with a freighter off the coast of Turkey. All the crew members were rescued.

The collision occurred in the southwestern part of the Black Sea, 40 km north-west of the Bosporus Strait. As a result of the incident, Liman sustained a breach on the starboard below the waterline.

“All crew of the Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance ship Liman are alive and well, and are now preparing to evacuate from the Turkish rescue ship to the Russian ship,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

According to the Turkish media, 78 Russian seamen were evacuated from the ship. The earlier reports of 15 missing seafarers did not get confirmed.

According to Reuters, the ship that the Russian Liman collided with goes under the flag of Togo. It was reported that it was carrying livestock.

The agency also reports that the collision occurred because of foggy weather conditions.

In open sources the ship Liman of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia is called a medium reconnaissance ship of the project 861M. This hydrographic vessel, modernized to be a reconnaissance ship.

The ships of this class are equipped with radio direction finders and sound communication systems, and carries a crew of 73 people.

Source: BBC