North Korea showed propaganda video about destroying US warships


North Korean propagandists released another video, simulating a strike at the USA. This time they ‘attacked’ the U.S. fleet off the coast of the Korean peninsula.

At the beginning, the recent military parade in North Korea was shown, where, among other things, missiles destined to ‘destroy the United States‘ were displayed.

Then the North Korean propagandists show their targets they are ready to strike. In particular, the warships and the aircraft carrier of the U.S. near the Korean peninsula, as well as the aircraft that allegedly flies to attack North Korea.

After that, the most interesting part began: first, the North Korean coastal artillery strikes the American ships, then multiple rocket launchers join. At the end, the North Koreans finished their imaginary attack with missile strikes.

A few weeks ago Kim Jong-un’s propagandists already showed a video how North Korea ‘attacked’ one of the American cities with ballistic missiles.