Opposition activist lost her sight after being attacked with chemical liquid in Moscow


Natalia Fedorova, who is an activist of political party Yabloko (“Apple” – RRT), was attacked in Moscow.

An unknown man attacked Natalia Fedorova near her house in Moscow. He sprayed an unknown chemical substance in her face, then quickly left the scene. The woman suffered chemical burns to her face and eyes, and lost her sight.

As it was reported by her friends, Fedorova is currently in the First City Hospital. Doctors say that at the moment it is difficult to say whether she will be able to restore her sight, reports Interfax.

Activist Sergei Mitrokhin noted that Fedorova was fighting the expansion of a store, located near her house. According to him, in the past she experienced shooting at her windows, and someone once put a coffin under the door of her apartment.

Mitrokhin believes that the attack was not related to her political activities as a memner of Yabloko party. In his opinion, it was a reaction on her social activities. He said that he intends to apply to the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow with a demand to closely monitor the investigation of the attack on Fedorova.

Source: vesti.ru