U.S. Air Force intercepted Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers accompanied by Su-35 fighters near Alaska


According to Fox News with reference to knowledgeable U.S. officials, on Thursday May 4th the U.S. Air Force took off to intercept two Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers and two Su-35 fighters in the international space near Alaska.

Russian aircraft were unarmed and remained in the international airspace throughout the flight.

According to the source, this is the first time that Russian Su-35 flies to the borders of the United States.

According to Fox News, military aircraft flew to the coast of Alaska at a distance of 80 km in the vicinity of the village of Chariot on the shore of the Chukchi Sea. So, the American command decided to send two F-22 fighters to accompany Russian planes.

At the end of April Russian bombers approached the shores of Alaska four times, the last time it happened on April 20th, when two American F-22s together with two Canadian CF-18 Hornets took off to accompany two Tu-95 bombers of the Russian Air Force.

According to representative of the Command of the North American Air and Space Defense John Cornelio, there is nothing provocative in these flights.

Source: ru.tsn.ua