Opposition activist Navalny went 80% blind in his right eye after being attacked with chemical liquid


Russian opposition activist Aleksei Navalny filed a claim to the prosecutor’s office about police’s inaction regarding a recent attack on him. According to him, he lost 80% of the sight in one eye after the attack.

“We are sending a few complaints about the inaction of the authorities,” Navalny wrote on his website on Tuesday.

According to him, users of social networks have already identified two possible participants in the attack on the video, but there is no information about their interrogation, or initiation of a criminal case.

On Monday after visiting the hospital Navalny was confirmed with a diagnosis “a chemical burn of the right eye of an average degree.”

“The doctor is still sure that it was not just green dye, it was clearly a mixture with another corrosive liquid. At the moment, the eye has lost 80% of its sight,” he said.

He added that with proper treatment the loss of vision is not irreversible so far.

Source: 112.ua