Ministry of Defense showed photos of ‘aviation parade’ in Moscow that was cancelled due to weather conditions


The Russian Ministry of Defense published pictures of jet fighters over Red Square on their official Twitter, writing that they were flying during the Victory Day parade.

“A flight of a mixed rhombus-shaped flying groups ‘Russian Knights’ and ‘Swifts’ over Red Square during the Victory Day parade,” says the message under the photo.

The tweet was published at 12:02 Moscow time on May 9th, 2017.


In fact, this year the aviation part of the parade on Red Square was canceled because of weather conditions, but military aircraft and helicopters flew over the city during its rehearsals.

The sky was very cloudy during the parade, whereas in the picture there was a bright blue sky.

It is unknown when the picture published by the Defense Ministry was taken. By 2 pm Moscow time the tweet was deleted. There were no explanations from the ministry.

The tweet is still available in the Google cache.

Source: BBC