Opposition activist Alexei Navalny had eye surgery in Spain


Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who received a chemical eye burn after being attacked, had an eye surgery in Barcelona. He wrote about this on his Instagram.

“They finally removed my hellish bandage, but the look is still quite ‘specific’. Well, at least now I can do without pirate accessories. As I was told, unfortunately, it will take a few months for my sight to recover. I can only see the top line of the vision chart with my right eye. In the hospital they categorically refused to install X-ray or infrared vision in my eye,” he wrote.

Navalny noted that Barcelona is “one of the centers of European ophthalmology”.

The fact that Alexei Navalny left for Barcelona became known on May 7th. Navalny needed treatment after he was attacked with chemical liquid splashed in his face on April 27th. Doctors in Moscow diagnosed him with a chemical eye burn. Later Navalny reported that according to “one of the best ophthalmologists in Moscow”, who assessed him, there was the risk of losing the ability to see with his right eye.

Source: ixtc.org