Baltic countries to switch their power grids from Russia to EU


Prime Minister of Estonia Jüri Ratas said that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will connect their power grids to the European Union network through Poland to reduce dependence on Russia, reports DW.

‘All four of us have agreed to clarify the distribution responsibilities between the four countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – by the end of the year,” said Ratas.

Originally, the disconnection from the Russian network was planned by 2025, but was postponed because of a discussion about the connection point: Poland or Finland (via an underwater electrical cable).

Later, the connection through Poland was deemed more economically viable.

It was noted that during the connection it will also be necessary to take into account that the Kaliningrad region of Russia is synchronized with the rest of the Russian power grid through the Baltic countries.

As the newspaper points out, Russia has never cut off electricity to the Baltic countries, and never even threatened to do so, but Lithuania considers the fact of energy dependence on Russia as one of the main national threats.