Protest against demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow gathered tens of thousands of people


On Sunday May 14th a protest rally was held against the demolition of five-story buildings in Moscow. According to various sources, from 5,000 to 20,000 people took part in it.

According to the organization White Counter, 7,000 people came to the rally at Sakharov Avenue by 2:00 pm. At 3:45 pm it was recorded that 20,000 passed through metal detectors at the entry.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the rally gathered about 5,000 people. After the rally the Ministry told that about 8,000 people took part in the rally.

The organizers of the rally announced from the stage that about 30,000 people joined the protest.

One of the organizers of the rally municipal deputy from the Gagarinsky district Elena Rusakova called on participants to fight for their homes “against the actions of the construction lobby.”

Also, during the speeches there were calls for the resignation of the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, as well as invitations to come to the next rallies against corruption. Municipal deputy Konstantin Jankauskas, in particular, described the actions of the authorities as a “dirty game”, noting that the real wrecked houses were not included in the list of renovation programs.

Source: RBC