Telegram refused to cooperate with Russian authorities


The administration of Telegram messenger stated that no government has received, or will receive “a bit” of information from the messenger.

This statement was made by the service administration in response to a question from journalists about whether Roskomnadzor (Russian controlling service over telecommunications – RRT) really sent a request to Telegram to provide information required for adding the messenger to the register of “information distributors”.

“Not a single government or special service in the world has received a bit of information from us. It will always be this way,” said in Telegram, adding that any data that is sent through the messenger is encrypted, and it applies to both secret chats and cloud chats.

“The keys that are required to decrypt the data are split into several parts, and physically stored in several data centers. All the data centers are located in different jurisdictions, so in order to force Telegram to give up any data, a very unrealistic level of cooperation between several countries is required,” Telegram representatives stressed.