Ukraine will start arresting Gazprom’s assets


The State Executive Service of Ukraine opened a proceeding to recover the fine imposed by the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) in the amount of UAH 172 billion ($6.5 billion – RRT) from Gazprom, and to seize the company’s assets in Ukraine.

This was reported with reference to the Press Secretary of the AMCU Mikhail Novitsky.

“There have already been orders to the Committee to open the proceedings and to arrest the property. Of course, there is not much property, so the committee’s management is considering the possibility of collecting funds in another way,” Novitsky said.

In October 2016 the AMCU filed a lawsuit on forced collection of fines and penalties. On December 5th the court sustained the request of the AMCU, and decided to recover 172 billion hryvnia from Gazprom.

In February 2017 the Kiev Court of Appeal upheld the decision to recover funds from the company. In March 2017 Gazprom appealed the decision.

On April 12th Gazprom tried to challenge the fine in the Commercial Court of Kyiv, but the company’s complaint was not accepted. Gazprom appealed the court’s decision to higher authorities, but the higher courts, including the Supreme Court of Ukraine, recognized the decision as lawful.