Factory of Transneft in Tyumen uses slave labor of prisoners


Prisoner of a corrective labor colony Eugene Plastinin was forced to make parts for pipelines for free for a year.

Plastinin said that he manufactures metal hemispheres for pipelines, which were ordered by Dosfer LLC. According to him, in 2016 he had already made 80 similar items, but had not received any payment for it. Now he is forced to work under the threat of transferring to the barracks of strict regime.

Plastinin said that he once refused to work. After he spent 12 hours in solitary confinement, the colony chief Igor Chursin summoned the prisoner and threatened: “Do you get it? If you complain, you’ll suffer.”

In March the colony authorities gave Plastinin the task to produce 210 hemispheres by the end of April. The prisoner says that it is impossible to do this in such a short period of time, let alone that they should not be done on manual machines.

He sent a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, but received a reply that at the time when he claims he was manufacturing these hemispheres, he did not perform any work.

Plastinin insists that he is the only person in his colony who is skilled enough to produce the hemispheres. According to him, the prosecutor’s office covers the head of the colony Chursin, who is a friend of Sergey Kiryukh – the director of the company Dosfer, which ordered the said parts.

One of the videos show that he works on a manual machine without any protection.

Source: openrussia.org