Aeroflot sues manufacturer of Sukhoi SuperJet for $10 million


On June 6th the Moscow Arbitration Court will consider the claim of air carrier Aeroflot to the Sukhoi Civic Aircraft Company (SCAC) to recover 576 million rubles (approx. $10 million – RRT) under a contract signed between the parties on June 2nd, 2011.

According to the newspaper Vedomosti, the essence of the claim is the problems with the delivery of the first 10 SSJ100 aircraft leased to Aeroflot.

In 2011 the SCAC, Aeroflot and company VEB Leasing signed an agreement to provide Aeroflot with a subsidy to pay leasing payments for aircraft. The agreement also says that if the subsidy is not received, the SCAC agrees to compensate for the costs.

Since the subsidy was no received, the carrier filed a lawsuit to recover money under the signed contract. The representatives of the companies have not commented on the situation yet. Analyst Alexander Gushin said he was surprised by such a condition in the contract. It appears that the aircraft manufacturer has agreed to take some responsibilities of the state.