President of Moldova Dodon asks Russia not to succumb to Moldovan provocations


Moldovan President Igor Dodon called on the Russian government not to succumb to provocations of the government of the republic in connection with the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

“Dear Russian partners, over the past six months you have shown openness and readiness for strategic partnership. Do not give in to emotions and do not take a hasty decision in connection with these provocative actions of the Moldovan government,” he Moldovan president said.

He also stressed that he would demand reports from the Foreign Ministers and the Information and Security Service. He said he’d deal with it after he returns back from an economic forum in St. Petersburg.

He will demand a detailed report from those two officials who signed decrees on the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

“Most likely, the meeting of the Security Council will be held on Tuesday… I will wait for a report from them, then we will decide what to do with them,” the president added, referring to the Moldovan officials. He added that in this situation it would be logical for them to resign.

The President of Moldova also stressed that he hopes to discuss the issue of the expulsion of Russian diplomats with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg.