Germany refuses natural gas from Russia in favor of LNG from USA


Germany plans to stop buying Russian gas to supply its western regions. Instead, the German authorities want to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States.

Currently, more than 5 million German families in the west and north of the country risk being left without gas. Previously, the German authorities supplied gas from the Netherlands, but there the energy resources are depleted, and its further extraction is impossible due to the decision of the Dutch government.

After the earthquake in 2012 and the subsequent protests against gas production, the Netherlands decided to stop exporting gas by 2030.

German authorities want to abandon gas supplies from Russia through the Nord Stream pipeline, and build a new pipeline for LNG imports from the United States and the Persian Gulf countries. To do this, it is necessary to allocate €600 million for the construction of a 220-kilometer pipeline branch, which will pass from the terminal in the Belgian Zeebrugge through the Netherlands.

At the same time, to supply gas to these regions it would be sufficient to build a 100-kilometer pipeline branch that would connect to the Northern Stream. This project was estimated at €300 million.