Ukrainian Yuzhmash signed contract with Sea Launch to supply 12 Zenit carrier rockets


Ukrainian state enterprise Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant and S7 Sea Launch Limited have signed a contract for the production and delivery of 12 Zenit rockets.

As reported by the press service of Yuzhmash, the company has already started production of 2 rockets for this project.

“A contract was signed between Yuzhmash and S7 Sea Launch Limited for the production and supply of Zenit-series launch vehicles. In total, 12 rockets will be produced and supplied for use in the Sea Launch and Ground Launch programs for research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes within the framework of international space projects. Two rockets of Zenit-3SL and Zenit-3SLB modifications are currently in production,” the report says.

The company notes that for the coming years Yuzhmash’s stack of orders exceeds $350 million. Among the main customers there are the companies from the USA, Italy, India, Korea, and other countries.

It was also noted that putting Yuzhmash into a stable operation regime will create proper conditions for the corporatization of the company, and for finding a strategic investor. The implementation of these measures, in turn, is a prerequisite for achieving the main medium-term goal of Yuzhmash, which is to ensure the full involvement in international cooperation in the production of rocket and space technology.