Michael Pence: Russia, Iran and terrorism are main threats to the world


Russia, Iran and terrorism are the main threats in the world, and the U.S. is ready to help its NATO allies in the fight against them, RIA Novosti reports the words of the U.S. Vice-President Michael Pence.

According to him, “the world is more dangerous today than at any point since the fall of communism a quarter century ago”, as Russia tries to redraw international borders by force, Iran attempts to destabilize the Middle East, and the global menace of terrorism can strike anywhere at any time.

“A strong NATO is vitally important, especially in these trying times,” Pence said, noting that while enemies seek to divide the countries, “our alliance has emerged stronger.”

Pence added that with the emergence of enemies, new and old, the North Atlantic Alliance must develop. The Alliance must confront the threats of today and tomorrow.

Source: apsny.ge