Spontaneous procession against ‘forced renovation’ started in Moscow


The procession began on Tuesday June 6th at the walls of the State Duma (lower chamber of Russian parliament – RRT), where at 2:00 pm hearings on the renovation program started.

Moscowites gathered near the building to protest against the demolition of their houses. They were not allowed into the State Duma. Later, officers of OMON (Russian riot police – RRT) came to the building and urged the people to disperse.

The residents demanded to be allowed to attend the hearings. Having stood near the parliament building for almost 2 hours, people, holding hands, decided to go to Ilinka Street to the building of the presidential administration of Russia, chanting “This is our city!” and “Sobyanin (Moscow’s mayor – RRT) needs to resign!”.

The parliamentary hearings on the renovation program were attended by city residents and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

More than 4,500 building were included in the preliminary list for demolition. Later it turned out that only 55% of them are old buildings that can not be repaired, and the rest of the buildings are in a good condition.

Source: tvrain.ru