Putin showed video how ‘Russian Air Force attacks Syria’. In fact, it was video of Americans attacking Taliban in Afghanistan


In the TV series “Putin” by Oliver Stone, the Russian president showed the director a video, where, in his words, “the work of our aviation” in Syria was recorded.

A small part of the video was in the trailer. In the full version this moment is at around 49:10.

In fact, the video that Putin showed Stone shows an American Apache helicopter attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009. The original video is posted on the official website military.com.

Also, the audio stream in the video, shown by Putin, contains communication of pilots in Russian. In fact, it was communication of Ukrainian pilots who participated in military operations in Donbas.

There is a copy of the video with talks in Russian posted on YouTube. Perhaps this was the same video Putin was showing Stone.

The CIT research organization compared two videos frame-by-frame,  and proved the videos to be identical.

Source: meduza.io