Russia might block Telegram messenger


Head of Roskomnadzor (Russian controlling service over telecommunications – RRT) Alexander Zharov said that the popular Telegram messenger can be blocked in Russia within a few days if the service founder Pavel Durov refuses to provide registration data.

According to Zharov, Roskomnadzor uses all the possibilities for communication with Durov, but is ready to block the service within a few days if Durov refuses to register it in accordance with Russian legislation.

“We use the last opportunity for communication and dialogue. I can not say that we are ready and will block Telegram tomorrow, but I repeat that the time is limited, and we’re talking about a few days here. We will wait for the response from Pavel Durov,” he said.

Roskomnadzor requires Pavel Durov to register Telegram as an instant messenger in Russia and to obey Russian legislation, which also includes storing the data for 6 months.

Earlier Durov said that a possible blocking of Telegram is not in Russia’s interests.